According to a Business Roundtable Survey, whose members represent 16 million employees and more than $7 trillion in annual revenues, more than 95 percent of its member CEOs report a skills shortage within their companies. These business leaders emphasize the need for employees who can display not only basic knowledge, but also “soft skills” such as work ethic, communications, teamwork, and problem solving.

Enriched Trainings

As a sister-company to ARDX, XDRA Health has a deep knowledge of developing and implementing enriched training programs. Our state-of-the-art digital training and eLearning solutions incorporate interactive gamification techniques and engaging video-based modules – appealing to a variety of learning styles. Utilizing our Learning Management System, individuals can easily register and access all training materials on a secure Internet site 24/7 – enabling a self-paced learning environment.

Discovering New Pathways for Success

The International Employability Certificate (IEC) program is ideal for individuals who are entering the workforce, as well as those transitioning to a new career path. Through this certification course, you will develop the key competencies that employers are looking for, as well as identifying personal strengths you may not have discovered.